Section Signup

You may only sign up for ONE section. If you have already signed up for a section, and you sign up for another, your name will only show up on the last section that you have signed up for. Section participation is required, and makes up 10% of your final grade.

You must sign up for one section. If your first (second, etc.) choice is not available, sign up for another section.

To add your name to a section below, click on the section time you would prefer and type your Student ID#, Name and email in the appropriate fields.


Section Day Time Location  
A01 TH 8:00-8:50am HSS 2154
A02 TH 4:00-4:50pm


A03 TU 5:00-5:50pm SOLIS 109
A04 TH 2:00-2:50pm WLH 2115


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