Organizational Chart

Executive Committee
Vic Ferreira, Associate Director
Carol Padden
Beverly Wulfeck
Seana Coulson
Rob Kluender
Marta Kutas
Vic Ferreira

Research Projects





Emergence Of Grammar In A New Sign Language
PI: Carol Padden
Wendy Sandler, Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Irit Meir, Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Mark Aronoff, Stonybrook Univ.

Sentence Processing Expectation Generation
PI: Jeff Elman
Mary Hare, Bowling Green Univ.
Ken McRae, Univ. of Western Ontario

Acquisition Of Zinacantec Family Homesign
PI: John Haviland

Linguistic Processes in Sentence Comprehension and Reading
PI: Roger Levy

Rational Language Processing with Uncertain and Noisy Input
PI: Roger Levy
Business Office
Janet Shin

Computer Support
Robert Buffington

Newsletter Editor
Wen-hsuan Chan

Visiting Scholar Program/Events
Coordinator: Janet Shin

NCIDCD Training Grant
Marta Kutas, Director
Executive Committee
Seana Coulson
Jeff Elman
Karen Emmorey
Vic Ferreira
Eric Halgren
Andy Kehler
Rob Kluender
Rachel Mayberry