Organizational Chart

Executive Committee
Vic Ferreira, Associate Director
Carol Padden
Beverly Wulfeck
Seana Coulson
Rob Kluender
Marta Kutas
Vic Ferreira

Research Projects





Emergence Of Grammar In A New Sign Language
PI: Carol Padden
Wendy Sandler, Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Irit Meir, Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Mark Aronoff, Stonybrook Univ.

Sentence Processing Expectation Generation
PI: Jeff Elman
Mary Hare, Bowling Green Univ.
Ken McRae, Univ. of Western Ontario

Acquisition Of Zinacantec Family Homesign
PI: John Haviland

Linguistic Processes in Sentence Comprehension and Reading
PI: Roger Levy

Rational Language Processing with Uncertain and Noisy Input
PI: Roger Levy
Business Office
Janet Shin

Computer Support
Robert Buffington

Newsletter Editor
Wen-hsuan Chan

Visiting Scholar Program/Events
Coordinator: Janet Shin

NCIDCD Training Grant
Marta Kutas, Director
Executive Committee
Seana Coulson
Jeff Elman
Karen Emmorey
Vic Ferreira
Eric Halgren
Andy Kehler
Rob Kluender
Rachel Mayberry

CRL Newsletter

CRL is excited to present the latest CRL Newsletter, featuring technical report:
Language Skills and Speed of Auditory Processing in Young Children
J.A. Avenzino, M. Gonzalez Robledo, & G.O. Deák