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ovcjpg Obj. Vis. Complexity (KB) Estimates of objective visual complexity were obtained for the picture itself, based on the size of the digitized stimuli picture files. The black-and-white simple line drawings were scanned and saved as (300 x 300 pixel) Macintosh PICT file format, each in a separate file. A demo version of the handmade software utility Image Alchemy 1.8 (Woehrmann et al., 1994) was used to convert the stimuli to various graphics file formats. Over 30 different file types and degrees of compression for the 520 object and 275 action pictures were computed, and JPEG (high quality - low compression) was selected according to it's close correlation with subjective visual complexity and other variables (for details see Szekely & Bates, 2000). In Image Alchemy 1.8 the file type description was: Joint Photographic Experts Group with default Huffman coding, high quality - low degree of compression: 98 (on a scale from 1-100) was used with the syntax: -j98.