Spanish Verb Inventory (SVI)


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Table 1: Table of Verbs in SVI database

abrir to open   ir to go
acabar to finish   jugar to play
ayudar to help   lavar to wash
bailar to dance   leer to read
besar to kiss   llorar to cry
buscar to look for   mirar to look at
caer to fall   morder to bite
caminar to walk   nadar to swim
cantar to sing   peinar to comb
cerrar to close   poder to be able
cocinar to cook   poner to put
comer to eat   prender to turn on
comprar to buy   querer to want
correr to run   regalar to give
cortar to cut   romper to tear
dar to give   saber to know
deber to owe   salir to go out
decir to say   saltar to jump
dibujar to draw   saludar to greet
dormir to sleep   sentir to feel
entrar to enter   soplar to blow
esconder to hide   tocar to touch
esperar to expect   traer to bring
gritar to shout   venir to come
hacer to do   ver to see