CRL Conference Room

CRL Conference Room

The CRL conference room is reserved for priority use by CRL staff, faculty and students.

Location: Cognitive Science Building (CSB), Room 280

Maximum Capacity: 40

Scheduling Events

Other UCSD entities affiliated with CRL may schedule the conference room by using our contact form. Please check availability first by viewing our CRL Conference Room Calendar.

If a conflict arises, CRL faculty, staff, and students will be given priority. Every effort will be made to contact other entities in a timely manner so they can schedule another room.

When using the CRL conference room:

  • Please do not leave door propped open while the room is unattended.
  • Please shut windows and blinds when the event is over.
  • No food or drink will be served inside the room, except for CRL-sponsored special events.
  • Please remove all trash from the room after the event.
  • Make sure the A/V system is shut off.