Turing Test: 50 Years Later

Ayse Pinar Saygin, Ilyas Cicekli, Varol Akman

Minds and Machines, 10 (4), November 2000

~ abstract ~

The Turing Test is one of the most disputed topics in Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science. This paper is a review of the past 50 years of the Turing Test. Philosophical debates, practical developments and repercussions in related disciplines are all covered. We discuss Turing's ideas in detail and present the important comments that have been made on them. Within this context, behaviorism, consciousness, the 'other minds' problem and similar topics in the philosophy of mind are discussed. We also cover the sociological and psychological aspects of the Turing Test. Finally, we take a look at the current situation and analyze the programs that have been developed with the aim of passing the Turing Test. We conclude that the Turing Test has been, and will continue to be, a very influential and controversial topic.