My work falls into two clusters, each with its own subclusters:

Thumbnail of my trajectory:

I began with cognitive science as a graduate student in the psychology department at UCSD, added typical and atypical developmental perspectives at Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania, and The New School, and added occasional forays into philosophy of science and electronically-enhanced education at GSU and Washington University.

Since returning to UCSD in 2002-3, my primary focus has been collaborative work with William Bechtel building our version of the new mechanistic philosophy of science. To guide the theoretical work, we have closely examined selected cases of the kinds of science undertaken in two of UCSD’s  interdisciplinary research units: the Center for Research in Language and the Center for Circadian Biology.

A little more detail on when and where I did what is here and a lot more detail is in publications by topic and publications by date.