Stimuli used in  IPNP  Studies
Here we present the stimuli pictures (520 objects and 275 actions), word lists, and sound files used in the different studies of the International Picture Naming Project.

These are supplementary materials for the following articles (please quote).

The picture stimuli set consist of black-and-white line drawings of

  • 520 common objects
    (including 174 pictures from the Snodgrass & Vanderwart set and other sources.)
  • 275 transitive and intransitive actions from different sources.

Pictures were scanned and stored digitally for presentation within the PsyScope Experimental Control Shell. The picture stimuli are available for browsing and downloading, as well as the database with the empirically determined dominant and alternative names and variables used in the study.

520 object pictures
browse download
275 action pictures: browse download
Database Query: search for items (with pictures)
by specifying values of interest to filter the database

Subsets of the pictures were used in the Child - Norming Studies:

The 275 action and the 520 object pictures were collapsed in a mixed design to study the action-object differences in Hungarian language: