Picture Naming in 7 Languages
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Timed picture naming in seven languages

Bates, E., D'Amico, S., Jacobsen, T., Székely, A., Andonova, E., Devescovi, A., Herron, D., Lu, C-C., Pechmann, T., Pléh, C., Wicha, N., Federmeier, K., Gerdjikova, I., Gutierrez, G., Hung, D., Hsu, J., Iyer, G., Kohnert, K., Mehotcheva, T., Orozco-Figueroa, A., Tzeng, A., & Tzeng, O.
(Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 10(2), 344­380.)

In the CRL International Picture-Naming Project, we have used a set of 520 object pictures to obtain timed naming norms from subjects across seven languages that vary along dimensions known to affect lexical access. Analyses over items focused on factors that determine cross-language universals and cross-language disparities in lexical retrieval. Results challenge widely held assumptions about the lexical locus of length and frequency effects, suggesting instead that they may (at least in part) reflect familiarity and accessibility at a conceptual level that is shared over languages.Some of the tables are excluded from the published text, and are instead available for inspection HERE. Information about the picture norming method used consequently in all of the seven languages is also available on our website, along with the stimuli pictures that are available for browsing or downloading.