Spanish Verb Inventory (SVI)

Semilla Rivera, Elizabeth A. Bates, Araceli Orozco-Figueroa and Nicole Y.Y. Wicha

Welcome to the SPANISH VERB INVENTORY (SVI), a psycholinguistic database of select Spanish verbs.

SVI consists of 50 of the earliest acquired common Spanish verbs (see Table 1), with conjugations across person, number and 4 verb tenses (past perfect, immediate past, future, and present indicative), for a total of 920 unique verbs. It contains both descriptive statistics as well as response time data on two auditory response-time tasks (cued-shadowing and pronoun production). For each word, the database can be queried across grammar, morphology, phonology, as well as measures of word length, frequency, concreteness and transitivity (see Code Book).

Here, you will be able to view/preview or download the SVI database, all stimuli in the form of sound files, supplemental materials and publications based on this database.

The online query system is presented as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, along with a codebook describing each of the variables and accompanying tables and figures. In addition, all 920 Spanish verb sound files used in the study are also available online, and can be played (coming soon) or downloaded.

For more information about this database and research conducted using this database, please refer to the original manuscript or contact the corresponding author:

Rivera, S., Bates, E. A., Orozco-Figueroa, A., and Wicha, N.Y.Y. (manuscript under review). "Spoken Verb Processing in Spanish: An Analysis Using a New Online Database". JOURNAL [LINK TO ARTICLE]

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