Physical Facilities and Space

The Center for Research in Language occupies 84 rooms and 8,770 square feet of space in two buildings on the UCSD campus: Cognitive Science Building and Applied Physics and Mathematics.



Assigned Area:

8,770 SF

Average Room:

104 SF


Room Use Name   Spaces   Area
Research laboratory / testing rooms   22   1,553
Research lab service   10   1,241
Research office   17   2,249
Research office service   3   281
Academic office   2   270
Administrative office   5   720
Office service   3   196
Conference room   2   825
    65   7,335


The main research lab in the Cognitive Science Building has a meeting area and kitchen space for lab and administrative personnel. The lab contains a "bullpen" with six data processing and general purposes workstations for graduate students and visitors. In the experiment wing of the lab, there are four psycholinguistic testing rooms, each with the option of running MATLAB or Presentation on a PC or PsyScope on a Macintosh, and a large multi-purpose testing room, currently housing a state-of-the-art eye tracking system, with a connected observation room that can also be used as a testing room.  A soundproof acoustic chamber is available for audio recording which is connected to an audio/visual control room running the Adobe suite of video and sound editing software programs.

The Cognitive Science space also houses CRL administrative and technical support personnel.  We also have offices available for faculty, visiting scholars, graduate students and postdoctoral trainees working on research projects.

The University provides teleconferencing and meeting facilities available at no charge, and a media and audio-visual center on a fee-for-service basis. 

CRL Facilities

Common area

Reception area

Online testing room

AV recording and editing room