CRL Talks

Spring Quarter 2021

CRL Talks are Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. (PDT, GMT -07:00) on Zoom.

CRL Talks will return in Fall Quarter 2021

CRL Talks will be on Zoom this quarter

The Zoom link for each talk will be provided in the CRL Talks announcement email. If you are not subscribed to CRL Talks announcements, just sign up using our subscription form. All we require is your email address.

If you still do not want to subscribe to the CRL Talks mailing list, that's okay. Contact the CRL Talks organizer for the details.

UC San Diego offers Zoom Pro when signing on using the SSO option. For more details, please read how you install and configure Zoom. If you wish to engage in conversation or ask questions, you must have a microphone, either built-in or part of a webcam. If you wish to be seen, a camera, either built in or a USB webcam, will be required. Neither of those are a requirement if you just wish to view the talk.

If you would like to speak, nominate a researcher or colleague, or have a lead on someone who may be interested in speaking, please let me know of your interest and availability as soon as possible.

CRL talks are at 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and will occur via Zoom links that will be sent out in emails via the CRL listserv.

The following dates are available:
May 4 (AKA Star Wars Day)
May 11
May 18
June 1


Winter Quarter 2021 Schedule

March 30

Rethinking Bilingual Development and Disorder

Elizabeth D. Peña

School of Education, University of California, Irvine

April 6

Are word senses categorical or continuous?

Sean Trott

Department of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

April 13

April 20

April 27

May 4

May 11

May 18

May 25

Acquisition of plural classifier constructions in ASL: different learners, different errors

Nina Semushina

Department of Linguistics, UC San Diego

June 1