CRL Talks

Talks are every Tuesday at 4:00pm in CSB 280.

Join us in the CRL lab for happy half-hour at 3:30pm in CSB 215.

CRL Talks will continue in Spring Quarter 2018

Thanks so much to everyone who presented and attended during winter quarter! We heard from visiting scholars and from several departments at UCSD -- Linguistics, Communication, Cognitive Science, Psychology -- on topics ranging from language development and change to language production to language understanding, and across multiple modalities--signed, spoken, read.

Winter Quarter 2018

January 9

CRL social hour

January 16

Seana Coulson Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

Conceptual Mappings in Brain and Mind

January 23

Adam Morgan UC San Diego Psychology

A structure that no one knows why we use it

January 30

William Matchin UC San Diego Linguistics

The functional neuroanatomy of syntax

February 6

Lynn Hou UC San Diego

Directional verb constructions under construction:
The case study of San Juan Quiahije Chatino Sign Language

February 13

Jean Mandler UC San Diego

How infants without verbs talk about motion

February 20

Zed Sevcikova Sehyr SDSU

Orthographic priming by printed English letters and fingerspelling fonts

February 27

Ashley Micklos UCLA

Vinicius Macuch Silva University of Tübingen

Nicolas Fay University of Western Australia

The prevalence of repair in studies of language evolution

March 6

David Reitter Penn State

From information density in dialogue to language acquisition:
Neural language models as models of human language processing

March 13

Rafael Núñez UC San Diego

Re-revisiting [sic] Whorf: Spatial frames of reference in the Ryukyu Islands


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