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May 29

Two languages or one: Bilingual language acquisition

Reina Mizrahi

UCSD Cognitive Science

Currently at least 1 in 5 people in the US speak a language other than English and the number of children growing up in bilingual homes is large and rising (Census Bureau 2015). Yet, most theories of language acquisition are based on monolingual children leaving a number of unanswered questions about language development in a large segment of the population. One major question in language development is when and how young language learners can identify the language(s) they are hearing. Depending on whether a child is bilingual or monolingual, being able to correctly identify the language being heard may be critical for language learning, comprehension, and appropriate language use in a given context. A relatively-untested idea, which we assess here in a new eye-tracking paradigm, is that children keep languages separate by associating individuals with particular languages. We ask here whether the language someone speaks can serve as a cue for talker identification, and whether bilinguals are especially skilled at associating their two languages with different talkers. The current data suggests that language is a salient vocal feature for talker identification across language groups. Current and future findings can shed light on when and how during development bilingual children keep separate representations of the languages they speak, and the information in spoken language that allows them to do so.

Note: ASL interpreters will be present for this talk.

Spring Quarter 2018

April 3

The dynamic nature of the bilingual language system

Eve Higby

University of California, Riverside

April 10

Morphology and Memory

Ray Jackendoff

Tufts University

April 17

Effects of grammatical variations on predictive processing

Nayoung Kwon

Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

May 1

Pragmatic Accommodation & Linguistic Salience of L2 and Heritage Speakers in Russian Political Discourse

Lindy Comstock

UCLA Applied Linguistics

May 8

What Makes a Language Weird? Investigating Correlates of Language Rarities

Arthur Semenuks

UCSD Cognitive Science

May 15

Inducing Word Translation Maps in Embedding Space

Agnes Villwock

May 22

How quickly do speakers decide which word to say next?

Dan Kleinman

Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

May 29

Two languages or one: Bilingual language acquisition

Reina Mizrahi

UCSD Cognitive Science

June 5

Adam Morgan


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