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October 23

The effect of emotional prosody on word recognition

Seung Kyung Kim


The focus of work on phonetic variation in spoken language processing has been mostly on the mapping of the variable signal to sounds and words, with much less focus on the role of phonetically cued social/talker variation. In this talk, I present cross-modal priming studies investigating the effect of phonetically cued emotional information (i.e., emotional prosody) on spoken word recognition. The results show two main ways emotional prosody can influence the spoken word recognition process. First, the content of emotional prosody (such as anger or happiness) can directly activate corresponding emotional lexical items, independent of a lexical carrier. Second, emotional prosody can modulate semantic spreading of the lexical carrier. The pattern of semantic spreading are not due to the content of emotional prosody per se, but probably due to increased attention allocated to emotional prosody. This work offers a new approach to spoken word processing that embraces the social (broadly construed) nature of spoken language processing.

Fall Quarter 2018

October 2

The Online-processing of Long Distance Dependency Formation:
its Mechanisms and Constraints

Nayoun Kim

Northwestern University

October 9

Mapping Functions for Multilingual Word Embeddings

Ndapa Nakashole

Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD

October 16

Origins and functions of music in infancy

Samuel Mehr

Harvard University

October 23

Seung Kyung Kim


October 30

Stephanie Ries-Cournou


November 6

Aya Meltzer-Asscher

Tel Aviv University

November 13

Zed Sevcikova Sehyr


November 20

Harinath Garudadri


November 27

Sotaro Kito

University of Warwick

Special day and time
November 29 11:00 a.m.

Simon Fischer-Baum

Rice University

December 4

Sean Trott



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