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Join us in the CRL lab for happy half-hour at 3:30pm in CSB 215.

Winter Quarter 2018

Happy Holidays from CRL. Join us in 2018 for more CRL Talks.

Fall Quarter 2017

October 3

Andreas Brocher University of Cologne

A shared features model of the representation of irregular polysemes

October 10

William Matchin UCSD Linguistics

The cortical organization of syntactic processing in American Sign Language

October 17

Eric Bakovic UCSD Linguistics and colleagues

Conditional blocking in Tutrugbu requires non-determinism: implications for the subregular hypothesis

October 24

Marybel Robledo Gonzalez UCSD Cognitive Science

Growing-up Bilingual: Implications for Cognitive and Brain Development in Spanish-English Bilingual Children

October 31

Qi Cheng UCSD Linguistics

Effects of childhood language deprivation on white matter pathways: Evidence from late L1 learners of ASL

November 7

Sarah Creel and Conor Frye UCSD Cognitive Science

Protracted auditory-perceptual learning during development
(Preview of Psychonomics talk)

November 14

Michael Arbib USC

How the Brain Got Language: Towards a New Road Map

November 21

Jonathan Venezia VA Loma Linda

Cortical encoding of intelligible speech

November 28

Barbara Kaup University of Tuebingen

The role of sensorimotor processes in language comprehension

December 5

Leon Bergen UCSD Linguistics

The role of sensorimotor processes in language comprehension


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