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Printing posters on UCSD's HP DesignJet T1100ps printer

NOTE: CRL no longer has a UCSD Instructional Computing account for your use. You must have your department set up a printing account before you can use this printer. The form to apply for a recharge printing account is at http://sdacs.ucsd.edu/~icc/colorprint.php.

After creating your poster in Illustrator or Powerpoint, there are three basic steps to printing a poster.

1. Save the poster to a postscript file.
2. Upload the file to your UCSD Instructional Computing account.
3. Log into the account and submit the postscript file to a print queue.

To understand a little better how this works, see the documentation at http://acs.ucsd.edu/print/cplot.shtml. You will also find the various paper types and supplies that are available.

For your convenience, here is a guide on how to use our lab computers to create and print your poster on 36-inch heavy weight coated paper (recommended).

• Software Guides
Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows)
Microsoft PowerPoint (Macintosh)
Adobe Illustrator (Windows)

• Printing Guide

• Downloads


Congratulations to Dr. Marta Kutas on being awarded the 2015 Distinguished Career Contributions Award. Dr. Kutas will give her award lecture on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in San Francisco.

CRL is excited to present the latest CRL Newsletter, featuring technical report:
Language Skills and Speed of Auditory Processing in Young Children
J.A. Avenzino, M. Gonzalez Robledo, & G.O. Deák