tgrep - (version 2, UCSD Linux port)

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Version 2 (UCSD Linux port)

tgrep is a tree-oriented search program, similar in functionality to the UNIX grep utility, but with additional operators that permit searches based on dominance and precedence relations. It is specifically designed to search for grammatical structures in corpora that have been parsed following the Penn LDC Treebank Style. The current version is based on the LDC distributed sources and has been ported to Linux. This software is also distributed at the LDC site (see below).

Penn Treebank Project

Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania

Penn Treebank Online (on-line search facility, using tgrep at Penn)


Linux source distribution (gzip'd tar file; 65MB)

tlearn (version 1.03)

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Version 1.03

tlearn is a simulator program which allows you to dynamically (at run-time) configure networks with a wide range of architectures. It implements the backpropagation of error learning algorithm, the Williams & Zipser algorithm for fully-recurrent networks, and simple recurrent networks with fixed copy-back links.

Software License and Additional Downloads

tlearn/Rethinking Innateness Home Page





Source Code


PsyScope (version 1.2.5)


Version 1.2.5

PsyScope is an interactive graphic system for experimental design and control on the Macintosh. PsyScope 1.2.5 is available free and unsupported to those who might find it useful.

PsyScope Home Page


Recommended System Version
Power Macintosh 1.2.5PPC
68K Macintosh (Quadra, II) 1.2.2
68K Macintosh (Quadra, II) 1.1
68K Macintosh (5-8 MB RAM) 1.0.2



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May 30, 2017
Incremental, top-down expectations shape segmental confusability and communicative function: implications for theories of perceptibility effects
Eric Meinhardt (UCSD Linguistics)

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