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Talks are every Tuesday at 4:00pm in CSB 280.

Join us in the CRL lab for happy half-hour at 3:30pm in CSB 215.

CRL Talks resume in January

Hello CRL community! Thanks so much for a wonderful quarter full of great talks (and one more to come on Tuesday by UCSD CogSci's Sean Trott!).

As the new year approaches, please let me know if you are interested in presenting a CRL talk in winter 2019 (or beyond). CRL is a wonderful venue to share your work with members of the UCSD language community. Talks can range from polished presentations to practice job or conference talks to sharing "hot-off-the-press" findings. We also welcome talks from scholars who are visiting the UCSD community!

If you'd like to volunteer, or to nominate a student/colleague/visiting researcher, please contact me! The following dates are currently available, all on Tuesdays at 4 p.m.:

January 15
January 22
January 29
February 5
February 12
February 19
February 26
March 5

Thank you in advance!

Melissa Troyer

Fall Quarter 2018

October 2

The Online-processing of Long Distance Dependency Formation:
its Mechanisms and Constraints

Nayoun Kim

Northwestern University

October 9

Mapping Functions for Multilingual Word Embeddings

Ndapa Nakashole

Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD

October 16

Origins and functions of music in infancy

Samuel Mehr

Harvard University

October 23

The effect of emotional prosody on word recognition

Seung Kyung Kim


October 30

Brain dynamics supporting lexical retrieval in language production

Stéphanie K. Riès

San Diego State University

November 6

Are you committed or just interested?
Degrees of prediction in the lexical and syntactic domains

Aya Meltzer-Asscher

Tel Aviv University

November 13

Assessing the contribution of lexical quality variables to reading comprehension in deaf and hearing readers

Zed Sevcikova Sehyr

San Diego State University

November 20

Hearing aids research instruments

Harinath Garudadri


November 27

Gesture, Language, and Thought

Sotaro Kito

University of Warwick

Special day and time
November 29 11:00 a.m.

A common representation of serial position in language and memory

Simon Fischer-Baum

Rice University

December 4

Mentalizing predicts perspective-taking during indirect request comprehension

Sean Trott



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